Wonder Toys


Our company Rover Education wants to present a new line of equipment - Wonder Toys, which can be used in normal indoor areas like playrooms, kindergartens, school classrooms and at home as well specialized sensory rooms of psychological relief.

Sensory toys are a powerful tool for interactive development of cognitive sphere, expansion of the child world. The main purpose of sensory toys - to stimulate the perception that, in turn, determines the development of the child's mental functions (memory, thinking, attention, speech) and the harmonious development of the child's personality and his emotional sphere. Sensory toys are designed for children of all age groups.

Magical Toy Octopus

Colour changing and Fiber Optics Toy
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Combines all features of a light and sound bar with  a built-in speaker, and Fiber Optic fibres.
Size and materials of our Octopus allow you to use it as an ordinary toy, which will attract any childs attention.
The streamlined shape, made of soft translucent silicone, built inside colorful LED lights that change color and pattern depending on the sounds around- built-in microphone reacts to claps, words, and volume.
Equipped with a Fiber Optic bundle of filaments, which the child can play with and watch change in color, and thereby experience a pleasant tactile and visual sensation which helps to relax.
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